Mishoo JSCalendar date and time picker, packaged for use by plugins, skins and add-ons

Summary of Contents

This module packages the Mishoo JSCalendar Javascript in a form suitable for use with Foswiki.

Detailed Documentation

Read the Mishoo documentation or visit the demo page for detailed information on using the calendar widget.

This package also includes a small Perl module to make using the calendar easier from Foswiki plugins. This module includes the functions:

Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib::renderDateForEdit($name, $value, $format [, \%cssClass]) -> $html

This is the simplest way to use calendars from a plugin.
  • $name is the name of the CGI parameter for the calendar (it should be unique),
  • $value is the current value of the parameter (may be undef)
  • $format is the format to use (optional; the default is set in configure). The HTML returned will display a date field and a drop-down calendar.
  • \%options is an optional hash containing base options for the textfield.
use Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib ();
my $fromDate = Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib::renderDateForEdit(
   'from', '1 April 1999');
my $toDate = Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib::renderDateForEdit(
   'to', undef, '%Y');


This function will automatically add the headers for the calendar to the page being rendered. It's intended for use when you want more control over the formatting of your calendars than renderDateForEdit affords. $setup is the name of the calendar setup module; it can either be omitted, in which case the method described in the Mishoo documentation can be used to create calendars, or it can be 'foswiki', in which case a Javascript helper function called 'showCalendar' is added that simplifies using calendars to set a value in a text field. For example, say we wanted to display the date with the calendar icon before the text field, using the format %Y %b %e
# Add styles and javascript for the calendar
use Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib ();

sub commonTagsHandler {
  # Enable 'showCalendar'
  Foswiki::Contrib::JSCalendarContrib::addHEAD( 'foswiki' );

  my $cal = CGI::image_button(
      -name => 'img_datefield',
      -onclick =>
       "return showCalendar('id_datefield','%Y %b %e')",
      -src=> Foswiki::Func::getPubUrlPath() . '/' .
             $Foswiki::cfg{SystemWebName} .
      -alt => 'Calendar',
      -align => 'middle' )
    . CGI::textfield(
      { name => 'date', id => "id_datefield" });
The first parameter to showCalendar is the id of the textfield, and the second parameter is the date format. Default format is '%e %B %Y'.

All available date specifiers:
%a - abbreviated weekday name 
%A - full weekday name 
%b - abbreviated month name 
%B - full month name 
%C - century number 
%d - the day of the month ( 00 .. 31 ) 
%e - the day of the month ( 0 .. 31 ) 
%H - hour ( 00 .. 23 ) 
%I - hour ( 01 .. 12 ) 
%j - day of the year ( 000 .. 366 ) 
%k - hour ( 0 .. 23 ) 
%l - hour ( 1 .. 12 ) 
%m - month ( 01 .. 12 ) 
%M - minute ( 00 .. 59 ) 
%n - a newline character 
%p - "PM" or "AM"
%P - "pm" or "am"
%S - second ( 00 .. 59 ) 
%s - number of seconds since Epoch (since Jan 01 1970 00:00:00 UTC) 
%t - a tab character 
%U, %W, %V - the week number
   The week 01 is the week that has the Thursday in the current year,
   which is equivalent to the week that contains the fourth day of January. 
   Weeks start on Monday.
%u - the day of the week ( 1 .. 7, 1 = MON ) 
%w - the day of the week ( 0 .. 6, 0 = SUN ) 
%y - year without the century ( 00 .. 99 ) 
%Y - year including the century ( ex. 1979 ) 
%% - a literal % character 

addHEAD can be called from commonTagsHandler for adding the header to all pages, or from beforeEditHandler just for edit pages etc.

An alternative to commonTagsHandler is postRenderingHandler which is more efficient since it is called less often.

Using the Calendar for picking date and time

The calendar is able to display a time-picker, in addition to the default date-picker, depending on the optional date format passed.

Pick days and time Pick days only
When the passed format descriptions includes hours, minutes or am or pm specifiers.
For instance: %H, %I, %k, %l, %M, %p, %P
All other cases
A time format is set in JSCALENDARCONTRIB_FORMAT. For instance:

Using the Calendar in forms

The date picker is shown automatically in DataForms when a date field is specified.

You can also use the calendar directly in your own hand-built forms.


Just add this inline in the topic text:
You may pass language and style options:
%INCLUDE{"%SYSTEMWEB%.JSCalendarContribInline" lang="nl" style="blue"}%
The default lang is en, the default style is large.

Displaying the calendar

To display a calendar icon next to a text input field:
<input type="text" class="foswikiInputField" id="cal_val_here" />
<img src="%PUBURL%/%SYSTEMWEB%/JSCalendarContrib/img.gif"\
  class="foswikiButton foswikiEditFormCalendarButton" \
  onclick="return showCalendar('cal_val_here','%e %B %Y %H:%M:%S ')" />
If the contrib is installed, you will see such a field here:

Installation Instructions

You do not need to install anything in the browser to use this extension. The following instructions are for the administrator who installs the extension on the server.

Open configure, and open the "Extensions" section. Use "Find More Extensions" to get a list of available extensions. Select "Install".

If you have any problems, or if the extension isn't available in configure, then you can still install manually from the command-line. See http://foswiki.org/Support/ManuallyInstallingExtensions for more help.

Customizing the appearance of the calendar

  • An administrator can customize the default appearance of the calendar using the configure interface to set the style and language options.
  • Users can customize the appearance of the calendar, overriding the administrator's choices, either system-wide (at SitePreferences), by web (at the WebPreferences topic), and even or per-topic basis. To do that they need to define the following settings:
    Setting Default value

Contrib Info

Another great Foswiki extension from the WikiRing - working together to improve your wiki experience!