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GEOSS Interoperability Workshops

Upcoming 2016 Interoperability Workshop

The SIF is considering a virtual Interoperability Workshop for 2016. Ideas for sessions and presentations follow. If you would like to contribute ideas for sessions and/or presentations, please e-mail the information indicated by the columns of the following table to Steve Browdy.

Proposed Meeting Date: early October, 2016

Proposed Meeting Time: 12:00 - 16:00 UTC (registration page and workshop website)

Meeting Location: WebEx (or, Google hangout) ( The Webinar system is only for one way lecture not fully interactive. On the other hand, the Webex can be invited max 25 participants. )

Proposed Sessions and topics (all presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes):(speakers present broadly without specific GEO/GEOSS terminology; abstract to general interoperability issues and concerns, where possible.)

[needs to be updated to include standards and interop as they related to the data management principles]

Session Name Description Possible Presentations Comments

Session 1: Introduction

10 minutes
This session will contain an introduction by the SIF to the goals and logistics of the workshop, and introductions to the sessions and presentations of the workshop. Interoperability issues to be considered will be introduced.

1. Agenda, logistics, and workshop webpage. ( Steve Browdy)

No Discussion. Questions answered.

Invitees: AIP, DSWG, GEO Tasks, CoPs, ESIP, USGEO (Yana), OGC (Bart).

Session 2: GEOSS Overview

  20 minutes
This session will give a high-level overview of the current GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and overall design of GEOSS. There will also be a quick preview of the evolution to be addressed in Session 6.

1. GEOSS Architecture, components, and operations, including registration. ( Steve Browdy, Guido Colangeli) (20 minutes)

Mention Best Practices and BPW. (Notify presenters about mentioning asociated best practices and standards to their topic)

No Discussion. Questions Answered.

Session 3: Interoperability and Data Access Overview

70 minutes

This session will explore what is meant by interoperability for GEOSS and how it relates to the GEOSS user experience in discovering, accessing, and using data. What features does GEOSS need under the hood and at the user interface to deliver maximum value? What should be the role of standards? How can semantic help?

1. Standards overview (SIR, BPW, talk about existing standards, including semantics and upcoming standards, broad overview, and best practices regarding interoperability) (Slides by Paul, Speaker SJSK or ???) (10 minutes)

2. Brokering (Mattia or ???) (15 minute)

3. The Role of semantics in interoperability, and its impact on the GCI (quick overview of RDF, VOID, Linked Data, SKOS...) (Speaker ???) (15 minutes )

4. Interoperability issues and discussion. (30 minutes)

The session will focus on access and use of data. Possible DAB demo.

Speakers: Mattia Santora, Bart, SIR speaker, ...

Session 4: Data Documentation

60 minutes

This session will introduce the proposed GEOSS Data Management Principles as they relate to interoperability, and how they might be implemented in GEOSS. Lineage, quality, and citation metadata will be among the topics. As an example, GeoViQua and the GEO Label concept will be shown.

1. DMP Overview (SJSK) (15 minutes)

2. Data quality and documentation (standards validation) (Joan and Steve) (20 minutes)

3. Discussiuon (25 minutes)

Speakers: Joan, other GeoViQua folks.

Session 5: Best Practices (delete)

10 minutes

The SIF manages the effort to create and make available a set of best practices for Earth observation efforts. This session will focus on how best to coax the Earth observation communities and research groups to invest the effort in providing their best practices to the GEOSS Best Practices Wiki. [and why this hasn't worked in the past]

1. Overview of GEOSS Bets Practices Wiki. ( Steve Browdy) (5 minutes)

2. Discussion (5 minutes)

Include capacity building. Speakers: Lucia, ...

Session 6: Exploiting and Evolving GEOSS and the GCI

70 minutes

This session will discuss the various ways that the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) can be utilized, both interactively and programmatically, and evolved to realize better deliver value through interoperability. Known issues will be introduced and discussed. The question, "What technical gaps exist that require evolution in order to realize desired exploitation of the GEOSS and GCI?" will be posed and discussed. ( Try to apply this to DMPs )

1. Community Portal and Application GCI Use (Ken McDonald - quick overview) (10 minutes)

2. Practical experiences of GCI exploitation (2 at 5 min/talk, (who to invite that has this experience, Lionel Menard, ???) (10 minutes)

3. Unique identifiers and duplicate resources ( Joan , Jeff DLB, etc.) (10 minutes)

4. Introduction of ideas for evolution (big data, clouds, citizen science, etc.) ( Steve Browdy) (5 minutes) 5. Discussion (35 minutes)

Get approval from IIB for registration discussion.

Ask Bob Chen about topics.

2014 GEOSS Interoperability Workshop

The 2014 workshop did not take place due to time constraints and scheduling issues. The SIF plans to have a 2016 workshop.

2013 - GEOSS Future Products Workshop

The SIF has held 2-day annual workshops many times since 2009, to explore themes of interest for its continuing and planned activities. The Fall 2012 workshop was deferred to March 2013, due to the confluence of topics and opportunity to contribute to the GEOSS Future Products Workshop, held at NOAA near Washington DC. The GEOSS AIP-6 kickoff was also conducted immediately after the workshop.

2013 - Future Products Workshop, Silver Spring MD

Past workshops

(needs more details, links to papers and ppts)

2011 - Virtual Interoperability Workshop

2010 - Interoperability Workshop, Ankara, Turkey

2009 - Interoperability Workshop, Washington DC

-- DavidArctur - 21 Feb 2013
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