GEOSS Interoperability Assessments

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In 2010, SIF began a number of efforts to identify and discuss barriers and other issues hindering the level of data interoperability achievable with GEOSS.
  • A survey was constructed for submission by domain experts from various SBAs.
  • Quantitative analysis of the GEOSS CSR content was undertaken to identify gaps in coverage of standard.
  • An excellent study of GEOSS interoperability gaps was conducted in the GIGAS project.

Products of this assessment:
  • SIF Interoperability Assessment Report, Nov 2010
  • GEOSS Interoperability Assessment Poster for AGU, Dec 2010
  • Interoperability Gaps from GIGAS, Jan 2011
  • SIF Paper for ISRSE34, Feb 2011

-- DavidArctur - 21 Feb 2013

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